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Community electrification with off-grid energy systems

Local communities face significant limitations in their development due to limited access to energy. This lack of access has various consequences, including deforestation, reduced global competitiveness, migration, and high emissions.

At Kowry Energy, we offer demand-driven solutions that take into account the unique environmental characteristics of Sub-Saharan Africa. By decreasing reliance on traditional gensets, our solutions effectively reduce operational costs.

Solar Mini Grid Senegal Community Kowry


Beyond Access  

Beyond Access, bridges the gap between energy access and affordability to ensure sustainable and long-term energy usage.

We leverage smart meter data through analysis and predictive modeling to understand electricity consumption patterns and unlock valuable insights. We empower communities by identifying revenue-generating activities and services, driving their growth. With our expertise, you can make informed choices that benefit your community economically and environmentally. Together, let’s create a brighter future through data-driven decision-making.


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