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Beyond Energy Access

Energy solutions for
Sub-Saharan Africa

Kowry is an energy services provider focused on sustainability in emerging markets. Our mission is to enable local energy providers to quickly deliver reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy to businesses and communities.

Discover our comprehensive offerings

Full-stack solutions encompassing EPC services, delivering hybrid scalable energy systems. We specialize in co-developing projects with local independent energy providers to ensure robust and sustainable energy solutions.

Advisory services for a wide range of renewable energy projects, leveraging our expertise in project management and cutting-edge energy solutions. Trust us to guide you through every step with our insightful and strategic counsel.

Ndiarka Mbodji on BETD panel

Small is faster.

Small and Medium Enterprises

By seamlessly integrating solar and energy storage systems with existing diesel generators, SMEs can achieve substantial reductions in operating expenses, fostering growth and creating local employment opportunities.

Mini-grid Solutions

Discover our hybrid energy solutions tailored for community electrification. Our demand-driven approach considers the unique environmental characteristics of Sub-Saharan Africa. By minimizing reliance on traditional gensets, our solutions not only bring efficient power but also lead to a substantial reduction in operational costs.

Public Buildings

Explore our renewable energy solutions designed for public institutions, including schools and government buildings. Embrace a sustainable and cost-effective approach to electrifying public buildings with our tailored offerings.

Cold Storage

Solar-powered mobile cold-storage facilities designed specifically for preserving vegetables and herbs in rural areas. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a reliable and sustainable cold storage solution, empowering small-scale farmers with the ability to extend the shelf life of their produce.

Solar Nigeria


Kowry Energy designed two 286 kWp PV solar energy systems for a plastic recycling plant and a food processing plant in Abuja, replacing 50% and almost 100%, respectively, of demand mainly from diesel generators. The rooftop-mounted solar systems collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 208,521kg per annum.

Solar Mini Grid Senegal Community Kowry


Kowry Energy designed a 10 kWp PV decentralised solar energy system with battery storage to provide access to green and affordable electricity to two public buildings and seven micro-enterprises within the community of Bani in Southern Senegal.


In Djine, an agriculture hub in the cotton belt of Mali, Kowry Energy designed a 69 kWp PV hybrid energy system with battery storage and a backup generator for Access Energie. The project will provide electricity to 3,000 residents, 50 businesses and public buildings


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