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Cold Storage

Kowry Cold Storage, powered by solar energy, extend the shelf lifeof the harvest and eliminate spoilage losses for farmers. With no reliance on expensive grid electricity or diesel generators, these self-sufficient cold storage units offer an affordable and reliable solution for storing produce. By extending the shelf life of their harvest, farmers can get optimal prices in the market, ensuring they receive the true value of their hard work.


Intelligent Cold Storage

Kowry Coolers, operating off-grid and equipped with thermal plate technology, provide farmers with up to 8 – 10 hours of backup power. This ensures that produce remains fresh and of high-quality during transportation and trade in the market. Maintaining temperatures between 0℃ – 8℃ and regulating humidity levels, Kowry Coolers uphold the integrity of the harvest throughout its journey to market, enhancing both its value and marketability.


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