Kowry Energy co-develops projects with its customers, local independent energy providers, procures the equipment and provides a fully integrated hybrid solution. By doing so, we provide peace of mind to our customers and enable them to focus on their core business: last mile provision of reliable and affordable energy to their end-users.

Together we serve two segments:


Providing small and medium business with reliable power at lower costs of hybridization

Due to poor availability of the grid, small and medium businesses are reliant on continuous power supply from diesel generators to serve their customers, hampering their development due to high operating costs.

The hybridization of existing diesel generators with solar panels and energy storage systems will enable those businesses to significantly reduce their operating costs, fuelling their growth. Furthermore, the access to reliable and sustainable energy improves the ecosystem’s quality of life with a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions and noise.


Community electrification with
off-grid energy systems

Lack of energy access limits the development of local communities. There are devastating consequences, both for the economic welfare of the population, and the environment. Deforestation and increases in economic migration are a result of not having access to a reliable energy source

Kowry Energy’s demand-driven energy solutions based on the unique characteristics of Sub-Saharan Africa will enable communities to boost productivity, enhance the ecosystem growth and GDP, and ultimately create quality local jobs.